Issue Briefs

These 2-page briefs summarize data, key findings, and recommendations from fatality reviews on a range of topics. Use for quick reference for advocates, with the media, or in community education.

IB Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Domestic Violence Homicide




IB friends and fam

Where Did Domestic Violence Victims Turn for Help?  

In reviewed fatality cases, victims turned to friends and family first and more often than law enforcement, courts, or services. 




Housing and Economic Barriers to Safety  

Analysis of victims’ income compared to the costs of housing and basic needs. 



IB201206Native Victims of Domestic Violence Homicide

Homicides involving Native American victims and perpetrators, and domestic violence homicides on tribal land.




Teen Victims of Domestic Violence Homicide 

New data on teen victims of domestic violence homicide in Washington State
Top findings from in-depth fatality reviews
Dating violence resources for teens, parents, advocates, and educators




Immigrant Victims

New data on immigrant & refugee victims of domestic violence homicide in Washington State, and resources for advocates.