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Founding Editor

WordPlaySound was founded by RC Singleton in 2011. He discovered the arts at a young age through music but was inspired later in life by books. This podcast blends together these two worlds.
A Literary Podcast

RED HANDED nancy cole silverman

Nancy Cole Silverman: I have been writing short stories since retiring from radio. My most recent work, The Centaur’s Promise (available on Amazon and Kindle) was published in 2010, and I am currently working on two other novels in addition to an anthology of short stories concerning the Guilded Age.

Scott L. Peterson, narrator of this piece, has worked in theater, modern dance, and voice-over, as well as a mixed bag of other professions too numerous to go into here, but all of which have contributed to his versatility as an actor. He is an enrolled member of the Heron Clan of the Cayuga Tribe of the Six Nations of the Iroquois. He is currently recording the published works of Charles Alexander Eastman, a Sioux historian of the last century.


Welcome to WordPlaySound! We strive to provide you with the best audio fiction and creative nonfiction available. Our first issue is set to launch on 26 January, so subscribe now to our iTunes and RSS feeds!

In the vast sea of literary magazines, many publishers strive to tap humanity’s ancient roots by blending an oral tradition of storytelling with modern technology. Though this approach has many virtues, it is not our magazine’s objective. At WordPlaySound, we’re interested in the way the sounds of words affect a story’s meaning, affect a listener’s experience.

When I read the works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his prose is poetic, beautiful. It’s worth turning his pages over and over again. But when I listen to the sound of his stalwart, trembling voice, traveling through muffled amplifiers, the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I get chills. They’re the same words I just read, but the sound of them allows me to access a layer of interpretation, of feeling that makes his writing come alive.

Or maybe Dr. King doesn’t get you there. Maybe Lady Gaga is your muse; who am I to judge or say where writers should draw their inspiration? Words are filled with poise and punch, not bound by individual or genre.

After all, that’s what WordPlaySound is all about: finding a deeper level of meaning in literature and sharing it with a larger community. Your work neither has to fuel a social movement that changes the world nor spawn drones of screaming fans that want your autograph; you just have to be honest and hit us with a load of passion.

Happy recording. Happy listening!

Ryan Singleton, Founding Editor

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